ADE: Abbey Road Institute masterclass


ADE: Abbey Road Institute masterclass

Ook opleiding-instituut Abbey Road organiseert activiteiten tijdens ADE in Q-Factory. Zo zullen er op 18 en 19 oktober feedbacksessies gegeven worden, waarbij professionele muzikanten feedback geven op het werk van opkomende artiesten. Daarnaast worden er verschillende masterclasses gegeven en deze zijn op inschrijving te bezoeken.

Feedback sessions (pop) (11:00-14:00)

If you want to improve, you have to ask for feedback. Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam is partnering up with GRAP to offer another series of feedback sessions! During these sessions, music industry professionals help and guide new and upcoming artists by giving them constructive feedback on their music productions.

The ADE feedback sessions will have a specific focus on the Pop music genre. Our Thursday panel will include both songwriter-producer Nick Ribbens and engineer Robin Reumers. They will give their valuable input on the creative- and technical side of your music and the potential of the/your artist from an A&R-point of view.

What you have to do? Submit your track before the 12th of October to get selected for your personal feedback session of 15 minutes -

Masterclass Modular Synths in Ableton Live - with MA Spaventi (14:30-15:15)

You may have noticed that we are in the middle of a glorious analog synthesis revival. Many of the most powerful and versatile analog synths ever made have been re-released in recent years. Modular synthesis in particular, allows a sound designer to connect almost anything to everything. The result is a universe of sonic possibilities! But where to go from there?

True sound doctor Marco Antonio Spaventi is there to show you how you can integrate such a modular synth in Ableton Live. By bringing his Eurorack modular from his personal collection, he will give you an exclusive look into his production process!

The Italian-born MarcoAntonio is a professional sound engineer and producer and well known for his solid technical expertise. He has worked on many different projects as a solo and collaborative artists such as the RAG collective and the Crystal Maze duo.

This particular masterclass is for music producers wanting to add a professional touch to their productions. It’s a free workshop without registration, but keep in mind that places are limited.

Masterclass Build Your Business - with industry professionals (15:30-16:15)

Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam and GRAP are partnering up to give you more insight into how to build your business!

Paul Hazendonk (Manual Music), Martijn Mischgofsky (Spektre Management), Benjamin Smit (Anna Agency) and Esther van der Poel (PACCT) are coming over to talk with you about building your own business/network and the promotion of your dance act. What are the options for the promotion of your release? Where do you start? Who’s important in the promotion of your own release? What’s the role of a manager, booker of label?

Lots of questions to be answered! These professionals will answer all of them and on top of that they will share their experience and give you tips and tricks on this important side of the music industry.

Masterclass The Abbey Road to success - with Bindu the Knock (16:30-17:15)

If you're a musician/artist/producer ready to take it to the next level, chances are you've considered getting a manager, a publisher, a label, a booker and started looking for a professional engineer to mix or master your tracks. Each of them has the potential to open doors and boost your business. But whom to consider first and how to prioritise them?

Music & entertainment lawyer Bindu De Knock will take you through the whole process and the individual stages. How do you find the right people for your team? And how can they help YOU to focus on the most important thing; your music? After all, there is a reason they call it THE music BUSINESS - it takes effort and hard work building a music career.

Bindu De Knock hails from Belgium but is currently working as a lawyer in Amsterdam. Bindu is the founder of CrossLink Legal, a law firm specialised in Music, Entertainment & Intellectual Property Law. Bindu is experienced in advising, negotiating and litigating in a broad range of music industry matters and represents Top DJ’s, songwriters, vocalists and other creatives. At Abbey Road Institute and other renowned institutions, she teaches about legal issues for musicians. An active musician and producer herself, she published Noot Voor Noot in 2015, a book that serves as one of the most comprehensive introductions to copyrights for musicians. Bindu co-hosts the Music Wise Podcast with American entertainer/coach Rhona Bennett (and member of R&B band En Vogue).

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