ADE: CvA Pop Open House Sessions with Hans Weekhout (playground)


ADE 2017

The Conservatorium van Amsterdam Pop Department Presents:

ADE Open House Sessions with Hans Weekhout

Breaking down a song to it's core and explaining the artistic process by Music Production expert Hans Weekhout (Capricorn, Peplab). Step into the world of Logic and synthesis and hear the mysteries unfold. It's interactive and free entrance to everyone.

Capricorn is the brainchild of Dutchman Hans Weekhout, experienced musician, engineer and producer, professionally involved in music for years now. Born in 1965 in Naarden, he began playing bass and keyboards in his early teens and figured in various locally successful bands, most of them soul- and funk-orientated. After finishing school he found his occupation in studio work, recording and mixing for innumerable Dutch acts as well as for international artists such as Ian Gillan and Falco.

Although learning a lot from these sessions, he felt he lackedan outlet for his own musical ideas and slowly took up writingagain. Strongly influenced by the Dance movement of the late eighties, his efforts would go into elaborated Dance tracks with an experimental edge; the first he composed were released through the Dutch branch of major Sony, but later, with the project Paranoiax, he went on to record for Epic in the United States.

The real breakthrough however came with 20 Hz, recorded in the summer of 1992 and released on Global Cuts under the banner Capricorn. In the spring of 1993 the track started to appear in dance charts all over the world and finally hit the singles charts in Holland, Belgium, the U.K. and France, while a strong American interest followed in the wake of this impressive European success.

Peplab is a Dutch band of four: Ferry Ridderhof, Peter Garnefski, Hans Weekhout and Edward Boellaard. Their debut album It’s not the Drug spawned several singles, including Welcome To The Bear (remixed by Ferry Corsten aka System F) and their international clubhit Ride The Pony (sought after and remixed by Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim).

Peplab's previous album "Drive", including the Singles Wondergirl and Pornstar, has been successfully released in the Netherlands, USA (Neurodisc) and Italy (Airplane Records). Last year their track Beautiful People was featured in the trailer of Hollywood blockbuster Mr. & Mrs. Smith. A few months later, UK hit producer Brian Higgins used their track “It’s Not the Drug” as a basis for the song "Graffiti My Soul", sung by UK no.1 girl-band Girls Aloud.

Supported through the years by tastemakers like Norman Cook and Pete Tong, Peplab has built a dedicated international following with their unique "dance/80's pop-crossover" sound, making them truly accessible and hard to ignore.

Conservatorium van Amsterdam Pop - Showreel 2017
ADE Playground
Location: Kleine Zaal
Entrance: Free
Date: Do 19 okt.
Time: 11:10 - 12:00