2000 Motels - Frank Zappa Tribute - Rescheduled


2000 Motels - Frank Zappa Tribute (rescheduled)

For security reasons due to the Corona virus outbreak this show will be rescheduled to January 7 2022. More info about your tickets for the show can be found here.

2000 Motels was founded in 2016 to play music by the American composer and band leader Frank Zappa. Zappa buffs that can whistle every variation are very welcome. But 2000 Motels also love to play for people who don't know or no longer know the music of Zappa. They show live how beautiful, bizarre, crazy and in many ways still the music of Frank Zappa is.

City of Tiny Lites (Frank Zappa cover) - Live in the studio 2019
2000 Motels
Tickets: € 17,25*

* Ticket price includes € 2,25 service- and payment fee.

Date: Fr. 7 Jan
Doors: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30

Belongings can be stored in lockers, which can be payed for with a €2 coin. You can also pay for the lockers by card at the designated machines.