Normal Plug & Play Studio

The Normal Plug & Play Studio is a studio with backline and is particularly suitable for bands. The rooms are featured by excellent equipment. Rental of extra equipment is possible.

Backline specifications:

  • Guitar amp: Fender 65' Twin reverb
  • Guitar amp: Marshall half stack MG 100 + MG 412 A transistor
  • Bass amp: Ampeg SVT450 met cabinet
  • Drums: Yamaha stage custom 22/10/12/16/14sn + cymbals
  • Vocals: Allen & Heath ZED 12FX mixer with 2 Mackie SRM 450
  • Microphones: 3x Shure SM58

The rental of a piano, stage piano of pianoforte is optional. Therefore contact us via email.

You can find the complete price list with additional items HERE.

Day price €36,- per 3 hours
Evening price
€45,99 per 3 hours
Student €30,- per 3 hours
Technical specs
Surface: 40 m2
Max occupancy: 7 persons
Incl.: Vocal installation and backline

General information

The rate of your booking will depend on the starting time.

Day price: 9:00 - 18:00
Evening price: 18:00 - 21:00 // 21:00 – 0:00
Student price: mon-sun: 9:00 - 18:00

  • Booking outside the block hours in the evening is only possible on request on the day of the booking itself.
  • When you want to book outside the block hours in the evening, an amount of €9,50 extra is charged.
  • During the day, a room can be booked one hour extra for €9,-. As long as the room is available.
  • A reservation can be cancelled for free within 24 hours in advance per email.
  • The student price is not possible with all studio's and only by showing us two student cards on which the year of study is visible or by showing us two valid registration certificates.

Would you like to rehearse for multiple days in a row? Ask us for the possibilities.