Ouwe Stijl is Botergeil (hardcore)


Ouwe Stijl is Botergeil

For more than 10 years ‘Strength Of Unity’ hosts hard dance events with a raw underground tone and a big hug.

Their concept ‘Ouwe Stijl’ is known in the Netherlands and abroad. It has arisen from the displeasure that the 1990s old underground ‘gabber sound’ was unilaterally displayed on existing events. For that reason, you'll see Ouwe Stijl next to the still-known names, the less-known and forgotten names of the 1990s. This makes it possible for many die-hard lovers from home and abroad to travel to Amsterdam to make an edition of Ouwe Stijl Botergeil. Partly as a result, this sound, which is characterized by upset Roland 909 kicks and cracking Juno synthesizers with a touch of 303 Acid, anno 2017 is still alive. Meanwhile, there are new artists who wear this sound proudly this millennium. That's why they also get a spot on the line-up of Ouwe Stijl. All of this makes Ouwe Style characterize itself as a party where the love for the Early Hardcore sound performs. So, take your Nike's out, pull your Aussie on and get ready for a trip back to the 90's!

Ouwe Stijl is Botergeil 11/02/2017 - AFTERMOVIE
Ouwe Stijl Is Botergeil
Tickets: € 17,50*
Date: 27 Jan.
Open: 21:30 uur
Ends: 06.00 uur

* Price including service costs.

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