Conservatory of Amsterdam

The Conservatory of Amsterdam (CvA) is the largest and most all-round conservatory in the Netherlands. The Conservatory is located in the centre of Amsterdam and about thouand students are being trained here by the most excellent teaching staff. The CvA fits right in the wealthy musical environment in Amsterdam and is preparing its students to work in the music industry on the highest level.

Abbey Road Institute

Abbey Road Institute is a international music production school and is launched by the legendary Road Studios in London. The school offers an Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering, a one-year, hands-on program, developed based on the experience from the studio in the 80’s. Students will be taught the complete spectrum of becoming producer or engineer and they will be ready for the variable modern industry.

Astoria Real Estate

Astoria is a real estate company and developer and is focussing on hospitality, hotels, entertainment projects. It is the owner of Q-Factory Amsterdam. Astoria originally is a company from Amsterdam and counts approximately ten employees.

The Ballet Orchestra

The Ballet Orchestra is connecting music and dance to form an enchanting experience. From traditional ballets to modern dance, from musical education to talent development. We are the proud partner of The National Ballet and the Dutch Dance Theater. Our working process is unique in the Netherlands. The Ballet Orchestra is consisting of 45 permanent musicians, and when required can be supported by high qualified guests. This is what makes the orchestra flexible, dynamic and high quality. Therefore the Ballet Orchestra is an orchestra with an own personality, driven to realise our own mission: to touch people with music.

Candy Dulfer

All around the world saxophonist Candy Dulfer is famous for her powerful, energetic live concerts. She is working with the most famous stars and plays on the biggest stages and at the largest festivals, together with her band. She received a Grammy Award nomination for her debut album 'Saxuality', sold 2.5 million albums worldwide since that day and scored multiple #1 hits in the USA.

Dany Lademacher's Wild Romance

DJ School Amsterdam

DJ School Amsterdam is a place where people from all over the world learn to express their musical personality. In the count ry that delivers dj's that dominate the charts and in the city that hosts the biggest dance event in the world we created a place that reflects the creative atmosphere and inspiring vibes that Amsterdam is known for.


At DSOPM (Dutch School of Popular Music) you can start with playing in a band right away, you can orientate on different instruments and start writing your own songs, or playing your favorite songs.


EMstudios is a cutting-edge Music Academy in Hilversum, Antwerpen (B), Poppel (B) and Rotterdam. We specialise in music educ ation and recording of electronic and acoustic music. EMstudios offers a unique combination of professional recording facilities and a relaxing environment where artists find inspiration to produce and record their best music.

EMstudios Amsterdam

Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound was founded in 2009 with the sole purpose of creating possibilities and benefits around music in all stages – both for the ones who compose it and the ones who use it. We’ve achieved that by collecting music in an ever-growing library, to which you can subscribe for unlimited use or license tracks per second. Both equal music clearance on all platforms, worldwide in perpetuity. Today we have over 25K high-quality tracks at the tip of your fingers. Go ahead and create!

The Flexican

De groeizaak

Coaching and training for highly educated (managing) professionals. Workshops, trainings and individual accompaniment:
- Improving (stage) performance
- Personal leadership
- Management skills


HOAD is a financial consultancy, founded in 1989 in Amsterdam and located in Q-Factory since November 2014. HOAD provides different employees in amongst other things the media and entertainment industry financial and fiscal service, but their focus is on small and medium firms.


In the state-of-the-art recording studio Red Bull has the ultimate facilities for both local talent as international artists to make music. The studio is consisting of a control room and a live room and is suitable for analogue and digital productions.

Music Matrix

Music Matrix is a music platform that brings musical professionals together and plays an advising role for enthusiastic musical practitioners .




Booking and management Agency

Red Bull Studios

In the state-of-the-art recording studio Red Bull has the ultimate facilities for both local talent as international artists to make music. The studio is consisting of a control room and a live room and is suitable for analogue and digital productions.

Studio BOX

Studio BOX is a DJ School in Amsterdam with rentable DJ Studio and/or DJ rehearsal room.

Swing Latino

Are you interested in learning Salsa, Mambo, Bachata of Kizomba? Then Swing Latino is the right place for you. The different teachers have years of dancing experience and are originating from Latin America and Cura çao themselves. Swing Latino is one of the most famous dancing schools in Amsterdam and environment. The swinging teachers at Swing Latino are looking forward to teach you your first dance steps in Salsa or Mambo and to let you swing your hips.

United POP

United POP is the international pop academy from the well known “Deutsche POP”, with more than 13 locations and more than 30 years of experience in training professionals in music, media and art. United Pop is your entrance to a career in the creative sector and offers practical training, individual courses and practical training in the following courses: “Music & Sound”, “Marketing & Management”, “Games, Film & Photography”, “Acting, Voice & Communication”, “Design, Fashion & Make-Up”, “Fitness & Lifestyle”. United Pop is a partner from the University of West London.

Van de inhoud

Van de inhoud is a content marketing bureau that makes, publishes and promotes content that is so valuable for your target group that they will be and stay your customer.

Vocal Center

Vocal Center (VC) is a network of vocal specialists such as ENT specialists, speech therapists and vocal coaches. As a result of a unique, optimal collaboration between these specialists and a personal approach we can help you discover your own vocal qualities. The basic assumption there is always: a healthy use of your voice and listening to your personal wishes. We will make you aware of the possibilities of your voice and your voice is the most important subject.

Vocal Freedom

Annemarie Hilbrands is teaching singing with Complete Vocal Technique (CVT), a new, revolutionary singing technique. After graduating at the singing institute of Cathrine Sadolin in Kopenhagen Annemarie has become an authorised CVT-teacher.

De Zwarte Molen