tAKiDA (hardrock)



+ The Wild

Catchy rhythms, impressive guitarriffs, personal lyrics and compelling choruses, tAKIDA has it all! They have, since their debut in 2006, managed to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with and one of the biggest rock acts in Scandinavia.

The Wild are here to give rock fans something very real. If you like straightforward, no-bullshit rock and roll, The Wild is here to deliver.

This event should have taken place on the 4th of April. Are you prevented on the new date? Click here for more information.

Takida - Master (Official Video)
Tickets: € 23,-*

* Ticket price includes € 3,- service- and payment fee.

Date: Fri. 14th of May 2021
Doors: 19:30
The Wild: 20:00
tAKIDA: 21:00

Belongings can be stored in lockers, which can be payed for with a €2 coin. You can also pay for the lockers by card at the designated machines.