Technical details

Both halls at Q-Factory have excellent light and sound facilities. The PA sets present provide both rooms with great acoustics, while the extensive lighting plan creates the right atmosphere for your event. All matters concerning technology are organized in-house. In both the Large and Small Room there is a LED screen that can be used for visuals.

The stage in both rooms can be expanded. For example, stage barriers can be used to fence off the stage area from your audience area.

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Main Hall

Technical specs
Dimensions: 24 m x 15 m
Height: 13 m
Stage: L x D = 15 m x 4,5 m
Grid: Walkable working grid at 11 m height
Power flow grid: 2 x 125 Ampère Cee
Power flow hall: 1 x 125 Ampère Cee
1 x 63 Ampère Cee
1 x 16 Ampère Cee
Light: Full light facilities on four movable trusses (price on request).
Light plot
Sound: Full sound facilities (price on request).
Technical rider: Technical rider Main Hall
Ground plan Grote Zaal