The Black Dahlia Murder (death metal)


The Black Dahlia Murder

Support: Rings of Saturn + Viscera

The Black Dahlia Murder is known as one of the most popular American extreme metal bands. The band has recently released their 9th studio-album Verminous, which they will promote during their 2021 tour throughout Europe.

Verminous is The Black Dahlia Murder's most dynamic, rousing and emotional release to date, and it achieves this without compromising one iota of heaviness. "I think this is the biggest evolutionary leap we've ever taken from one album to the next. We stoked the creative fires with 2017's 'Nightbringers' and it's gone much further now in 'Verminous'," states vocalist Trevor Strnad. "It's a very colorful, moody, and charismatic album that experiments with new sounds and ideas without losing the cutthroat Black Dahlia edge. There is a lot of minutiae to digest. Plenty of delicious little Easter eggs woven into the fabric of each song. Each one is a living, breathing entity that will stand on its own as some of the best music this band has ever created."

The Black Dahlia Murder - Child of Night (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
The Black Dahlia Murder
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Date: Tue. 2nd of February
Doors: 18:30
Showtime: 19:00

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