The Jam Society - Alternative Comedy Night


Our alternative comedy night - featuring a live band and a stellar cast of international variety artists - is returning to Amsterdam for one night only! Hop on board of The Jam Society and be prepared to ride shotgun on a tour of the funniest, smartest and silliest characters with the most interesting points of view on life. Let the host and absurd humanDaniel (by Night) guide you through this extravaganza featuring a live band blasting the most avant-garde ear-worms and an absolutely stellar lineup of guest variety artists who are going to leave you no other option but to fall in love with them.

“one of those wonderful experiences you will always remember”

- The Scotsman

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Zach Zucker ∙ clown

After multiple sold-out runs in New York, LA, London and the Edinburgh Fringe, Zach is back in Amsterdam to headline The Jam Society! The performer behind Jack Tucker and half of Zach and Viggo is guarantee to keep you on the edge of your seat with laughter.

Sjoerd Scott ∙ stand-up

Audiences favourite and TikTok star, Sjoerd Scott is an observation comedy genius. You’d think you’d want to hide from being observed, but after hearing Sjoerd’s razor- sharp wit, you’ll be asking “talk about me next”!

Xiaoli Go ∙ clown 2

Xiaoli has been a staple of Amsterdam’s comedy nights, but you might not recognise her as she is a master of disguise! We never know which characters she’ll bring to the stage, but we do know that they all create a great connection with the audience.

Andy Duncan∙ clown

Depending on the amount of laughter, Andrew Duncan is either an absurdist comedian or a performance artist. Andy is half of the Duncan brothers and a third of the Masli-Duncan performance trio, creators of the award winning show Legs (a success in London and the Edinburgh Fringe) and its sequel, Logs.

Benedetto Zurlo∙ stand-up

Our favourite Netherlands- based Italian stand-up comedian is joining us for the first time on stage, after becoming a household name of comedy nights across the country with his hilarious observation mixed with his characteristic Italian

Aljaž Son ∙ magic

Aljaž is a wild, world renowned magician and inventor and author, with a career of over 10 years. His mission is bringing astonishment back to everyday lives of as many people as possible. If you are called on to the stage by Aljaž, don’t fear: you might just learn a drinking game from Slovenia!

Emily Higginson∙ stand-up

Emily is a comedian from America, but don’t hold that against her. After living in the Netherlands for over five years, she knows what it takes to annoy- and entertain- a Dutch crowd. Friends have described Emily as “average” and “kind of funny I guess”. Emily has described herself as “very tall” and “extremely funny”.

The Jam Society - Alternative Comedy Night
Locatie: Q-Factory
Datum: Zo 27 mrt 2022
Start: 19:30 uur