Q-Factory is the biggest music-making-centre in Europe and offers musicians, actors and dancers all kinds of opportunities to rehearse, perform and/or record. With over forty rehearsal studios in the basement, a nice café/restaurant on the ground floor, two music halls on the first floor and there will be a hotel opening soon on the top floors of the building.


In Oostpoort, the shopping centre where Q-Factory is located, there is a Q-Park. The rate of this parking garage is € 1,- per 20 minutes and a maximum of € 12,- per day.

Entrance: Polderweg 92, 1093KP Amsterdam. Exit: Atlantisplein in front of Q-Factory.

Ticket sale

Tickets for events in Q-Factory are being sold on Ticketmaster, from 10am (unless stated otherwise). If you want to get your tickets pre-sale, they can be ordered by phone 0900-300 1250 (€0,60 c.p.m.) or online via the website of Q-Factory and Q-Factory isn’t a pre-sale address.

You can get door sale tickets at the cash desk in Q-Factory, only half an hour before opening doors on the night of the event. Tickets are being sold there, as long there are tickets available. In advance of every show, you can consult the website for the time the presale starts.

Service costs

The amount of service charge of Ticketmaster will depend on the used channel (phone / internet).

When you order your tickets online, an amount of €1,50 (incl. VAT) is being charged on top of the ticket price. In case the ticket price is less than €10,-, only €0,75 will be charged on top.

When you order your tickets by phone, an amount of €2,50 (incl. VAT) is being charged.

On show nights the ticket prices at the cash desk are including the service costs and VAT.

Technical riders

Here you can download the technical riders of the two stages:

Technical rider small hall

Technical rider big hall

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