Using Q-Factory as a workplace?

How would you feel about working in a new music venue in Amsterdam and also the biggest music-making-centre in Europe? If you are searching for a place where start-ups and professionals from different cultural genres are making wonderful new creations, then stop looking!

Q-WORKS is a flexible workplace in Amsterdam where you can work in the middle of the cultural scene. Q-Works is located in the Q-Factory building at Atlantisplein in the east of Amsterdam. Are you a progressive entrepreneur and are you looking for a flexible workplace at a vibrant location in the east of Amsterdam? Then contact us for more information.


4 hours: €25,-
1 day: €40,-
2 days: €75,-
3 days: €125,-
4 days: €150,-
5 days: €175,-

Prices for the amount of days per week are valid for business hours. It is also possible to rent the entire room. Are you interested in our flexible workplaces? E-mail or call us citing ‘Flexible workplace’.

E-mail: info@q-factory-amsterdam.nl
Phone number: 020-7606780

Prices are per month, including internet connection and excluding VAT, printing, coffee and tea.