Rehearsal Rooms

Rehearsal rooms

As a result of the new measures, from June 1st 2020 we can receive a maximum of 5 people in a 'normal' room (40m2), provided that the distance of 1.5 meters is taken into account. There is also room for larger groups (up to 15 people). Call or email us for more information about this.

Opening hours (starting 22nd of June):

Monday 10:00-00:30 h.
Tuesday 10:00-00:30 h.
Wednesday 10:00-00:30 h.
Thursday 10:00-00:30 h.
Friday 10:00-00:30 h.
Saturday 10:00-19:00 h.
Sunday 10:00-19:00 h.

Want to rehearse later on saturday or sunday? This is possible on appointment, please call or mail us.

Unfortunately, online booking is currently not possible. Rooms can be booked by email or phone.

Of course, the government rules regarding social distancing and safety also apply in our basement. We have made provisions for this, such as the use of one way walking routes.

We can imagine that these opening hours will not yet perfectly match the wishes of all our customers. We therefore hope for your understanding.


Welcome to the Q-Factory rehearsal studios. Q-Factory has a variety of rehearsal studios - from soloist rooms to a hall for a symphony orchestra.

In the basement of our building you find around 30 rehearsal studios and one stage. On the first floor there are two halls where events are taking place. These halls are available to rent for a variety of events. For inquiries please contact

In addition to rooms for making music, we offer various options for theater, dance and meetings. (We offer studios for DJs and producers as well. See:

Reservations can be made by email or by phone. (Reservations through the site are temporarily disabled due to Covid-19)

Phone: 020-760 6780

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